Behind the Scenes: Mr and Mrs Love Bird

Love birds are best known for being colourful, affectionate, and of course, monogamous. With Valentine’s day on the horizon, I knew these would be the perfect little cuties to put into a Valentine’s themed colouring page.

To ensure this design was well and truly vom-inducing and lovey dovey, I injected love into every nook and cranny. Love on steroids was my aim, and I think I nailed it.

You’ll see that I included teeny love letters scattered amongst the flowers and vines, a heart shaped locket and key (key to my heart – get it?), heart embellishments and (this is my favourite bit *drum roll please*) positioned the love birds nestled together with their faces making a heart shape. ALL THE LOVE OMG.

The Drawing Process

I chose to hand draw this design using pen and paper, with my ink of choice being varying sizes of Steadtler pigment liners. I highly recommend these pens for drawing as the lines come out perfectly crisp and even, with zero bleed when using good quality paper. The ink also dries super quick, in fact, almost instantly, meaning I can rub out the pencil lines beneath as soon as I’ve inked a section of the design.

Symmetry is totally my vibe these days, alongside intricate shapes, so I doodled one love bird and used tracing paper to mirror the other. The background was a bit of a freestyle effort, trying to slip in the odd love-related doodle amongst pretty flowers.

The final page was then scanned in, cleaned up a bit in Photoshop and then digitised for selling. You can find the final design of Mr and Mrs Lovebird over on my Etsy store.

Digital Colouring

I’ve been a digital designer (mainly covering web design, branding and marketing) for around 10yrs, so I’m adept at transforming things in a digital environment. That being said, digitally colouring this design was a total first for me.

I’ve typically used Photoshop or Illustrator for prettifying my work, however, this time I had an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and ProCreate app at my disposal…and what a damn difference that made to the whole experience! Using the Apple Pencil made things feel a lot more intuitive than my former method of clicking and dragging around a Photoshop window on my laptop.

The details of this method are a bit too technical to write about in the post, but I pinky promise I will write a post soon about how you can use these tools for digital colouring. For now, here’s a time lapse of how I brought my design to life:

Mr and Mrs Love Bird – Full Time Lapse

Mr and Mrs Love Bird from start to finish. This is the trial and error involved in taking one of my hand drawn designs, and turning it into a digital piece of art that made it to the front of my wedding invites. Enjoy ☺

Posted by Fox Design Den on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Digital Colouring to Printed Wedding Invites

With my design fully coloured, and being recently proposed to (wahoo – I’m so happy), I decided to use this design for creating my own bespoke wedding invites.

Nothing says self-promotion quite as well as plonking your design that you’ve drawn and coloured in, on an invite that you’ve also designed yourself 😬 I’d like to say it saved some £££, but it was quite the opposite because I chose fancy pants gold foiling which costs a bomb!

The process for creating the invites was actually a lot trickier than I imagined, largely down to a huge amount of faff involved to ensure the gold foiling was printed correctly, and trying to pick the perfect font combination. Yes, I am a perfectionist.

I used Illustrator to design my invites, and based the colour scheme for the invite on a few select colour swatches taken from the finalised Mr and Mrs Love Bird illustration.

This photo does not to them justice, but I can assure you that these invites are bloody gorgeous! Opening the box from the postie was quite an epic moment – I really didn’t expect to fall in love with them as much as I did. Seeing my work go from paper, to digital, and back to paper again was really fascinating, and I still can’t quite believe this is *my* design. Chuffed is an understatement!