May’s colouring printable: Colour Combo Tracker

Throughout my colouring journey, I’ve realised there’s a need for a few simple printables that I can use to keep track of where I am with my colouring.

Last year, I created the Colour Tracker Printable as I kept finding myself dipping in and out of multiple designs, using different pencil or marker sets, and if I left a WIP page for a few days (or weeks in my case, as I’m usually too busy drawing) I would return to it with no idea of which shades or certain colours I’d used. The Colour Tracker was my solution to that!

Roll on a year, and I’m in the same position again. However, the problem I’m having is keeping track of really gorgeous “on a whim” colour combos I’ve created whilst getting stuck into a page.

So…in order to solve this problem I have created a spin off of my Colour Tracker, and have aptly named it the ‘Colour Combo Tracker’ – the perfect printable to test out fun colour combos, or to keep track of existing ones that you absolutely LOVE.

Colouring Chart - Colour Combination Tracker Printable

If you find this printable useful, or have ideas for other colouring-related printables I could put together, please let me know in my private group on Facebook: The Colouring Den.

Happy colouring!

How to use your Colour Combination Printable

Simply download the PDF that get’s sent when you sign up below, and print out. The document is A4 size, but can easily be resized to US letter in your print settings.

There’s no right or wrong way to use this – it’s just a great resource to just stick in the back of one or your colouring books, or pop on a clipboard in your colouring area, so you can track or test as many colour combinations as you like!

I spent about half hour with my Prismacolor pencils and decided to try and make some fun, new combinations (see image) which were a little outside of my comfort zone.

I figured these could come in handy for colouring flowers, or patterns, or whatever really. I’ll probably try and do the same with my Polychromos.

If you fill yours up with good colour combos, be sure to snap a picture and share it in The Colouring Den (my private colouring group) so we can all get some inspiration! I love it when colourists share their knowledge with each other, it’s all part of the fun 🙂

Blend swatch colour tracker printable example

Oh no! The May freebie has expired 😢

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