February’s free colouring page: The King and Queen

For this month’s free colouring page, I tried very hard to steer away from the traditional love heart adorned Valentine’s themed stuff, and decided to take a less in-your-face stance to encapsulating something romantic.

February's free colouring page for Valentine's day. The King and Queen. Lion and Lioness on a tribal mandala backdrop. Download this printable colouring page instantly by signing up today.

‘The King and Queen’ depicts a strong, noble lion, and a doe-eyed lioness, who are cozied up together against a tribal-esque mandala backdrop. It’s not your typical Valentine’s colouring page, but hopefully it’s going to be one that’s enjoyable for everyone to colour!

I really hope you enjoy adding your creative touch to this, and don’t forget to share your creations in my newly formed group on Facebook: The Colouring Den.

Happy colouring!

Get inspired to colour ‘The King and Queen’

Talented colourist, Karen Senerchia, has coloured this piece beautifully. Take some inspiration from her gorgeous pictures below:

The King and Queen colouring page by Karen Senerchia
The King and Queen colouring page by Karen Senerchia

Oh no! The February freebie has expired 😢

However, if you still want to colour the ‘The King and Queen‘ page, you can find it on my Etsy shop here.

The King and Queen Colouring Page

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