BIG NEWS: I’m a featured artist in the Pigment digital colouring app!

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Ok, so I’ve been keeping this a secret for about 2 months now…and you won’t believe what a relief it is to FINALLY be able to tell you guys that my designs can now be found in the Pigment app. I am so blimmin’ excited to be going into one of the best colouring apps out there – wahoo!

If digital colouring is your vibe, then you’ve probably heard of, or use, Pigment. For those that aren’t in the know, it’s essentially a digital colouring app that goes beyond your standard tap-and-fill, and allows for your colouring experience to feel much more intuitive and akin to how you’d colour with pen to paper.

The Pigment app can be used on your phone or your tablet, but naturally, the experience is much better (in my opinion) if you’re on a bigger screen and can really get into all those details!

Pigment boasts an impressive collection of over 2,600 professionally illustrated pages – which now includes my designs, YAY – and has an array of digital colouring tools such as brushes, pencils, markers, airbrushes, glitter and paint brushes to really help you go to town on your artwork.

To say I’m honoured to be featured in this app is a total understatement, and I have to give huge kudos to the Pigment team for actually supporting their artists.

It’s so exciting to see 10 of the images from Doodles from The Den available to all their colouring fans – talk about reaching new colourists Worldwide!

Doodles from The Den is now featured in the Pigment colouring app, where you can colour on your ipad with the apple pencil

If you’re interested in checking out Pigment and seeing my colouring pages, you can download the Pigment app for iOS here

When I was approached by Pigment a few months ago to see if I’d be interested in having some of my colouring pages featured in their app, rather than jumping at the opportunity and feeling excited, I delayed my response to them in a bid to weigh things up.

As an artist, it’s a struggle. My delayed response to Pigment was actually down to being approached by another popular colouring app (I’ll be nice enough to not name and shame here) that contacted me at the very beginning of my colouring artist journey and asked if they could feature my work.

First time around, this was such a huge ego boost to be approached by a very “reputable” app, but when I questioned about payment for my designs, their response was “We don’t pay our artists as we feel our app gives you plenty of exposure”.

Well, damn it. How familiar does that sound? I’ve heard this OVER and OVER again throughout my creative career.

When I first started doing freelance web design way back in 2010, I’d have prospect clients saying to me “You can showcase the work you do in your portfolio, if you do our website for free”, and I’d have people asking me to do graphic design work “for free as a favour because you’re a mate”, or because “our budget is really small so we can’t afford to pay you, but it’s good exposure”.

To hear that, yet again, I was being asked to handover my hard work for free felt like a huge lack of respect for the effort and time I’d poured into my illustrations. Also, a complete disregard for the experience I have under my belt in my creative career.

Ironically, they obviously considered my work worthy of putting in their app that has had over 11k ratings left on the iTunes store – clearly their audience is huge! Being a business of that size equally means they are making enough revenue to pay their staff…but apparently not their artists? Hmm. Fishy.

Furthermore, they could see by my low Etsy sales (I had literally just opened my shop) that I was a new artist on the scene. I actually felt like they were praying on my vulnerability when asking me to work for free, but luckily, I was quite sharp at telling them where to go, and that I value myself and my work enough to not give it away for free.

You see, as much as I love illustrating and flexing my creative muscles outside of my 9-to-5 day job, it’s still a business – even if it is on the side. It’s my free time being dedicated to finessing a skill.

Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love doing what I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want – or deserve – to be paid for my work and time. Any artist, designer, or maker will tell you that creativity is often a labour of love.

I believe that sometimes people assume that because we make pretty things, that it’s all just fun and games. The reality is that it’s our living, just like anyone else who has a job.

Naturally, I felt slightly dubious when Pigment reached out, and I made it clear that past experience had left me doubtful about their intentions. When I discovered that Pigment treated their artists with respect, and actually PAID for the designs whilst allowing the artist to retain all rights, was such a huge relief. Finally – a company that actually “gets it”.

A couple of my artist friends – who are also featured in the app – gave glowing reviews about their experience with Pigment, so I knew I’d made the right choice to collaborate with them.

I guess I just want to thank Pigment for actually doing the right thing, and not being one of those companies that is just out for themselves, or manipulates artists into falsely believing their app will pay their bills and mortgage in “exposure”.

I’m super happy to be part of the Pigment app, so make sure you go and check our their app!

Don’t forget to leave them a review on iTunes if you love the app – that’s one of the smallest things you can do to support any artists, brands or products that you love.

Every review I get on my Fox Design Den Etsy store, on Amazon, or on my Facebook page ensures that I get seen more as an artist, and encourages others to check out my work.

These little positive actions all add up, and will only take 2 mins out of your day, so always leave reviews where you can…they’re totally free 😉

Want to find out more? Read my full interview with Pigment where I talk about my background, creative career and how I got into colouring.

Download the entire Doodles from The Den colouring collection

If you love the 10 designs from Doodles from The Den that are featured in the Pigment app, you’ll be pleased to know you can get the ENTIRE collection over on my Etsy store.

All the pages are compatible with Pigment, and can also be printed at home if you want some pencil-to-paper action, yay!