‘Faces of the Zodiac’ colouring book has arrived

Faces of the Zodiac colouring book flat lay

It’s been a long time coming, with a year full of ups and downs alongside my full-time job, but the much anticipated Faces of the Zodiac colouring book is here! I’ve launched a wire-bound paperback edition, as well as a digital PDF version.

This book hasn’t been without it’s drama, and anyone that bought my first book Doodles from The Den, will know that I had a pretty rocky time with it.

For Doodles from The Den, I decided to take pre-orders so people could pay up front for the book and therefore allow me to cover the cost of getting the book produced. In theory this is a very logical tactic, however, my print production partner (who shall remain nameless because I’m nice like that) printed my books wrong. Twice.

Luckily for me, I had the support of the colouring community behind me and those that had bought the book were VERY patient and understanding whilst the problem was corrected. It didn’t stop me feeling mega guilty about taking their money though – I felt like a total fraud, even though I’d done everything possible to ensure a perfect book.

I wrote the misprints off as human error in the production and checking process – and to be honest, their customer service was faultless when it came to resolving the issue. Therefore, I committed to using the same company for my second colouring book Faces of the Zodiac. 

They had recently released wire-bound books, and I knew that this was a must have for my next book after taking into account all the feedback from my first release.

Faces of the Zodiac colouring book, wire-bound paperback edition. Illustrated by Kim White of Fox Design Den.

I can’t emphasise enough how cautious I was using this company second time around. Countless emails were sent asking them to double check my files and page margins, and I repeated over and over that I didn’t want to have the same experience as my first book.

The Colouring Gods clearly weren’t looking out for me the day I pressed ‘Confirm Order’ on the Faces of the Zodiac print run because I had another faulty batch arrive at my doorstep! Arghhh!

Once again, the colouring community shocked me with their HUGE support and words of wisdom. Colourists told me to sell the copies regardless (which I felt reluctant to do because it wasn’t a true representation of the quality of work I like to produce) and that they’d happily buy a copy.

I compromised with my inner demons and offered them at a discounted price and within 48hrs the entire lot sold! Sending these colouring books to a home where they would be loved and cherished, rather than collecting dust at my house, was the best outcome I could have wished for.

Gemini and Aries colouring pages from Faces of the Zodiac colouring book. Coloured by Nicola Tagger.

I’m now super duper happy to say that I’ve got my hands on the CORRECT copies and I couldn’t be more chuffed with how they’ve turned out. The wire-binding means I can easily colour the pages without worrying about bending the book back on itself, and the soft touch lamination cover is honestly to die for – it feels absolutely divine!

With this release, I’ve also added my own personal story into the book so that colourists can get to know me on a deeper level. I really pride myself on creating genuine connections with fans of my work, therefore I like to be as transparent as possible. I’ve been blessed to make a lot of friends in the colouring community, and I strive to make even more!

Buy the Faces of the Zodiac colouring collection

If you are an astrology addict (personally, I love reading all about my sign – it’s so fun!) or relish the challenge of colouring skin tones and hair, then this book will be a treasured part of your colouring book collection.